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Storage Policies

These are general guidelines and policies for use. Please refer to your storage rental lease, or management for a complete list of policies and usage terms.  It will contain the entire agreement for storage.



  • Smoking and Alcohol consumption is not allowed at the storage facility.

  • Firearms are not promitted at the storage facility.

  • Rental unit must be clean and all items removed when moving out.


Prohibited Items

Here is a list of items not allowed to be stored in Rental Units:


  • Nothing living/alive

  • Old/Used tires

  • Weapons (Firearms)

  • Anything explosive or flammable (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil, paint, etc.)

  • Drugs or anything that relates to drugs.

  • Items that have been taken in an unlawful manner

  • Items that pose a Hazard or are Hazardous (waste material, etc.)

  • Items that can produce odors

  • Any item that is prohibited by staff or management

  • Any item which affects other tenants or the facility in a way that is harmful


Prohibited Uses

Storage facilities are designed for storage only. The following is not permitted:


  • The use of any kind of musical instrument

  • Any public sales (example: garage sales)

  • Using the unit as a work space to work on hobbies, cars, motorcycles, etc.

  • Illegal use of ANY kind

  • Any use that is prohibited by staff or management

  • Utilizing space for living.

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